Régilait meets the demands of top chefs

Régilait is committed to offering culinary professionals ideally packaged high-quality products, ensuring culinary excellence and great taste.


Powdered milk and condensed milk are culinary ingredients used daily by artisans and manufacturers in many sweet and savory recipes. Our manufacturing processes preserve all the nutritional qualities and taste of the raw material, and guarantee the highest level of food safety and traceability. In addition to our IFS version 6 and FSSC 22000 certifications, which guarantee high standards, we are committed to the proper treatment of our cows, our staff and our territories as well as to respecting the environment. Our expertise is also reflected in our protective packaging, perfect for your professional applications. Inventory management is therefore optimal, as is handling and conservation, which are facilitated.


Whether you intend to make sweet or savory recipes, our powdered milks and other condensed milks will meet all your needs thanks to their technical and culinary advantages and their great ease of use. Easy to handle, our products guarantee great results:

  • zero lumps,
  • soft, golden dough,
  • rapid, firm creams,
  • softer and airier textures,
  • better conservation,
  • ultra-fast cooking,
  • absorption of water from vegetables,
  • smooth ice cream dishes with a delicious milky taste, etc.

Our products are ideal for balancing textures and flavors, and have been tested and approved by many chefs who use them every day in their recipes. 


At Régilait, we have one key mission: to delight taste buds! And our loyal artisans rise to this challenge every day by using our products. Whether caterers, bakers, pastry chefs, confectioners or ice cream makers, their feedback shows that our powdered milks and condensed milks are ideal culinary companions and that their practicality is undeniable. 

Chocolate maker Thierry Court: “Sweetened condensed milk [...] provides a creamy, molten texture, while also offering the subtle taste we love so much!”

Caterer Pierre Guichon: “Powdered milk is really practical because it makes it possible, above all, to conserve the texture and good hold of my preparations, delivered or served on the buffet a few hours later.” 

For award-winning ice-cream maker Jean-Jacques Borne, powdered milk is a miraculous ingredient, thanks to its emulsifying effects, binding fat to water, its capacity to absorb water, reducing crystallization, and its ability to expand and aerate ice cream. 

And baking champion Christian Gillet always packs Régilait powdered milk in his luggage because, as well as being an ingredient widely used by artisanal producers, it remains stable under any condition.

Discover our gourmet recipes for Catering using powdered milk and for Bakery & Pastry using condensed milks.

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