Régilait: a commitment to quality for professionals in the health and social care sector 

To meet the demands of healthcare professionals as closely as possible, Régilait develops healthy powdered milks, suitable for patients’ needs and made under a certified manufacturing process which assures compliance with applicable hygiene standards.


To meet the needs of healthcare and social care establishments, we offer a wide range of powdered milks. Whether skimmed milk, semi-skimmed, whole, organic or enriched with calcium and vitamin D, our process preserves all the qualities of these raw materials which have such powerful yet fragile biological and nutritional values. The delicious taste of fresh milk allows chefs to create recipes that are appreciated by guests.


Nutritional as well as tasty, our milks are a wonderful culinary asset, and are much more practical than traditional liquid milk. Enhancing the texture, cookability and appearance of your dishes, our powdered milks provide real advantages and are already greatly appreciated by many professionals. The delicious taste of fresh milk is thus preserved, as are the nutrients thanks to our gentle manufacturing processes, which have IFS version 6 and FSSC 22000 certifications.


Our milks containing fat, which are more sensitive, are packed in a protective environment to prevent oxidation. The packaging we use is high-performance and ultra-protective, guaranteeing the quality and taste of our products. Practical and functional, it is optimized to reduce space and storage and for easier handling. Powdered milk is ten times lighter and less voluminous than liquid milk. Our products are also easy to use both hot and cold, and can be stored at room temperature


Our powdered milks have made our reputation and are equally suitable for making milky drinks or preparing meals and breakfasts. Our range of products for the general public, such as sweetened condensed milk in a tube, our spreads and our individual portions, can be used within healthcare establishments and communities to satisfy demand and add a gourmet touch to meals.

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