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Coffee break at work

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I love these moments of sharing with colleagues over a hot drink ‼️ It's what makes us want to come back to the office after a day or two of teleworking...

Régilait granulated skimmed milk, protein-rich

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Do you know the wow effect of milk proteins in Vending machine ☕ hot drinks ?

Voile de Lait®️ the single serve

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Our Voile de Lait®️, the single serve that accompanies and contributes to the success of your hot drinks ☕

Food & Coffee Markets N°80 - October, 2023 - Luc AMAR interview

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Be the first to discover the interview with de Luc Amar, Régilait Professional Sales Director, in the latest issue of Food & Coffee Markets

Semi-skimmed milk designation

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Most denominations are subject to regulations and milk is no exception, so do you know the rules governing the use of the word “MILK”?

Cappuccino break

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Yum!!! We suggest a Cappuccino break accompanied by a chocolate croissant

Granulated semi-skimmed pack 500 g

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Something new for our granulated semi-skimmed pack! Have you noticed?

Lidis Open day at Paris - September, 19th, 2023

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Benoît at LIDIS Paris open day

Food & Coffee Markets N°79 - September, 2023


Vivendia Open day at Marseille - September, 14th, 2023

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After Lyon last March, we're in Marseille today for another Vivendia open day, our wholesale partner in Vending ☕

EVEX 2023 Bucharest

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After the summer, it's off to a good start for Régilait Professionnel...

Thank you...and a great summer to you all!

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Thank you...for attending the Vending SHOW Paris and a great summer to you all ☀️⛱️